Today’s Special                   今日のおすすめ


patio open

Let’s all hang out here!

It’s finally getting warm and cozy these days some lucky patrons can get a table in the patio!


Spring has Sprung?

Hello Rajio Fans!

It’s been a very warm few days here in Vancouver and great to

see some cherry blossoms starting to bloom throughout the city.

Why not come to Rajio Japanese Public Shrine?

It’s time for you to bloom!

photo credit to alice


Write your wishes on our specially made “Wish Board” and hung it up on the wall!

Rajio Shrine will bring you good luck and food.


New Tapas


Crispy Pork Feet $6.80

Braised and fried pork feet is full of collagen to tackle wrinkles!

ladies and gentlemen! try this and feel younger!


Japanese “Shitamachi” Style

Shitamachi Style

Shitamachi Style


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